Many of Canada's Finest Specimen & Proof Banknotes


Canada has a great variety of obsolete banknotes, including Province of Canada (1866), Dominion of Canada (1870-1925), Bank of Canada (beginning in 1935), French and British colonials (thru 1815), provincial issues (British Columbia, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, and Province of Canada), chartered bank issues, and a very large number from expired and spurious banks. Many of the earlier Canadian banknotes are quire rare and valuable. Specimen and proof issues tend to be in better condition than issued notes, probably because they were never meant for general circulation. Below you will find scans of some of the beautiful obsolete banknotes from Canada.


To view the banknotes from Canada that we presently have for sale, please click on the link displayed in the box below. The list will change from time to time, so please check back often. There are other world banknotes for sale on the other sections of this web site.


We are always interested in purchasing high-grade specimen, proof, and issued world banknotes. PMG certification helps us to place a value on the note. Catalog prices can be used as a guide, but individual notes often transact at prices much higher or lower than the catalog indication.

The banknotes from Canada that

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Examples of Trophy-Grade World Banknotes - Canada
















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