Many of Colombia's Finest Specimen & Proof Banknotes


Simon Bolivar united Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, and Venezuela in 1819 under the name Republic of Greater Colombia. By 1903, the other countries had all exited the Republic, leaving Colombia as the sole remaining country under the former Republic. Colombia issued currency beginning in 1819, and it subsequently issued a great number of highly attractive banknotes, both general and specialized issues. The number of banks that issued specialized notes is large, making a comprehensive collection difficult to assemble.


Colombian states issued banknotes from 1857 through 1885, its banks from 1851 through 1923, and regions from the late 1800s through the early 1900s. There were also a number of regional railroad issues from the 1890s through 1912.


PMG's online population report of world banknotes shows that the early Colombian banknotes from the 1800s are quite scarce. Most of the very early notes show up in circulated grades only. Many of the higher-graded banknotes from pre-1940 are specimens and proofs, as most issued notes are well worn.


Below you will find scans of some trophy-quality world banknotes from Colombia. To view the Colombian currency that we presently have for sale, please click on the link displayed in the box below.


Items on our want list include high-grade specimen, proof, color trial, and issued world banknotes. PMG certification is a help in setting values.

The banknotes from Colombia that

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