Many of the Dominican Republic's Finest Specimen & Proof Banknotes


The Dominican Republic, which shares the island of Hispaniola with Haiti, first gained its independence in 1844. It returned to Spanish rule in 1861 and four years later restored their independence. The banknotes during the Spanish administration were simple, with few vignettes and little use of color. The country fluctuated between dictatorships and democracies during 1916-24, and the U.S. occupied the land during the years 1930-61. The specialized banknotes issued during the early years have gorgeous designs and colors, while some of the banknotes issued during the U.S. occupation had simple, classic designs with little use of color.


The PMG population report, available at, shows that most of the graded examples are specimens and proofs printed by the American Bank Note Company. Many of the graded notes have only a single graded example, indicating that they are quite scarce.


Below you will find scans of some of the obsolete banknotes from the Dominican Republic. To view the notes that we presently have for sale, please click the link displayed in the box below.


Our want list includes high-grade specimen, proof, and issued world banknotes. PMG certification would be a plus.

The Dominican Republic banknotes that we are offering for sale are shown HERE.



Examples of Trophy-Grade World Banknotes - Dominican Republic
















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