Many of Ecuador's Finest Specimen & Proof Banknotes


Ecuador banknotes during the years 1885 through the early 1900s were issued primarily by 16 of its banks. Many of those notes have outstanding designs and colors. There were issuances of proofs and specimens, some of which have survived in high states of preservation. The government itself began issuing banknotes in 1926, and Banco Central del Ecuador started its issuances in 1928. The notes for the Central Bank were printed mostly by the New York-based American Bank Note Company. Ecuador also had a sizable number of private banks that issued notes, and these are listed in the World Paper Money Specialized Issues catalog.


The PMG population report (at shows a wide variety of graded banknotes from Ecuador. A high percentage are specimens and proofs. Many of the issues have only a single graded note, indicating how few of these banknotes have survived.


Below you will find scans of some of the beautiful banknotes from Ecuador. To view the banknotes from Ecuador that we presently have for sale, please click on the link displayed in the box below.


We are always looking to acquire high-grade specimen, proof, and issued world banknotes. Certification by PMG would be a plus.


The banknotes from Ecuador that we offer for sale are HERE.


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Examples of Trophy-Grade World Banknotes - Ecuador

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