Many of Iran's Finest Specimen & Proof Banknotes


The Islamic Republic of Iran was known as Persia until 1935. Listed banknotes from Persia extend back to the 1890 issue of the Imperial Bank of Persia. These notes are quite scarce and highly valued. Only a small percentage of them seem to have survived in gem grade, and the PMG worldwide banknote population report shows mostly circulated survivors. Establishment of a constitutional monarch in 1906 removed absolute power from the Shahs. The Qajar Dynasty (Sultan Ahmad Shah) ruled during the years 1909-25, followed by the Pahlavi Dynasty (Raza Shah and Mohammad Resa Pahlavi). The Kingdom of Persia was established in 1931 during the Pahlavi Dynasty, and the banknotes began being issued by Bank Melli Iran. The Islamic Republic toppled the Pahlavi monarchy in 1979.


Below you will find scans of some of the obsolete banknotes from Iran (Persia). Note that the plates on the first two banknotes were marked National Bank of Persia.


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